Since the financial crisis, the financial services sector has been subject to enhanced supervision with new regulations and specifications. Banks have immediately faced the urge of meeting new requirements within a short window in time in order to be fully compliant with the ever-changing regulatory framework.

New challenges for our clients mean new challenges for us.

That’s why at Refine we follow closely every change in the regulatory framework and train our people to be ready to provide regulatory management services with great technical skills and large business knowledge within a short time.

Our role is to help our clients in their implementation procedure of processes, systems and reporting by offering experienced professionals with specific know-how in the following regulatory areas:

  • Know Your Customer
  • EMIR
  • Dodd-Frank Act
  • MiFID
  • IFRS9
  • CRD4
  • Solvency ii
  • Basel iii

Within this frame, our people can help by:

  • Improving your performance to meet regulatory requirements
  • Providing tailor made best-practices solutions
  • Establishing guidelines to fit in a compliance framework
  • Maximising efficiencies through process optimisation
  • Supporting Client Lifecycle Processes