Pierre Wallemacq

Pierre Wallemacq

Founder, Managing Partner

Pierre has a deep knowledge of international capital markets. In the context of the integration of FORTIS bank in the BNPPARIBAS organization, he has performed a wide range of Business Analysis activities, such as product migrations in new P&L systems, and integration of Interest Rate Derivatives activity.

In the field of Global Risk Management, he is involved in risk research and the adaptation of systems to support the management of counterparty, market and compliance risks. Pierre evaluates and recommends methodologies for calculation of yields, inventory prices, lissage for Fixed Income securities.

Pierre earned a B.A. in Sales Engineering at ISC Saint Louis in Brussels, and is an ABAF-BVFA Certified International Investment Analyst (Fixed Income).

Later on, in 2009, he created his first company called Arexo Finance, in collaboration with Arexo Consulting. With more than 10 years of experience in the banking sector, Pierre was bringing its experience of global Market activity while Arexo Consulting was bringing expertise in IT.

The activity of the company was focusing on system transformation in the banking sector. In 2015, shareholders decided to split the activity in order to better focus on their core business, Arexo Consulting on IT side and Arexo Finance on the business side.

In order to clearly become independent and in accordance with employees and partners, we decided to rename the company ReFine. This name refers to Reengineering and Finance