Refine is a Financial Consulting Company providing knowledge and expertise in different areas:

  • From front office to P&L computation and back office
  • We fully support our clients’ trading activities
  • Regulatory Management: our clients frequently need to adapt to new regulatory directives – Know Your Customer, MIFID, IFRS 9, CRD 4. Refine provides the necessary expertise in order to help implement these regulations
  • We help our clients implement regulatory standards in their processes, systems and reporting
  • Risk Management: we help our clients perform back testing, VaR calculations etc. in their Systems teams

At Refine we put our emphasis on our employees’ welfare. We strongly believe that in order to deliver high quality work, our consultants should feel fully supported and trusted.

Depending on their career age or expertise level, our people are divided into 3 main types of profiles:

  • Operational Support: junior or expert profiles who reinforce the operational teams of our clients
  • Business Analysis: consultant profiles responsible for providing specifications for system modifications
  • Project Managers & Project Manager Officers