Meet our people

Working at REFINE is special. This is a place where who you are matters just as much as what you do. In an effort to let you get to know us better, we’ve profiled some of our co-workers:

Cédric Debusschere

I began my professional life as a Junior Financial Consultant with Refine. At the time, I was looking for relevant experience in the field of Finance.

Refine had this vision of creating synergies between IT and Finance. I quickly noticed two things: first, that REFINE is a human-sized company. Everyone here from top to bottom is approachable. Second, management does its best to develop the skills of its consultants in order to specialize each of them in a specific area of Finance.

It’s exciting to see our company grow! To me, REFINE is an ideal breeding ground for developing new competences, sharing experiences and ideas.

Cédric Debusschere

Marsida Lekaj

I’m Marisda, and I’m 27. One thing I can say about myself is that I’m a truthful person.
So when I finished my Masters at Solvay, it looked like the professional world was sometimes at odds with my values. Although I could change a few things about myself in order to “fit” in a company, truthfulness was not one of them. But I did find these values at REFINE, and I’m very happy about it.

When I finished my Masters in 2011, my best friend Sheke was working for REFINE on a mission for an important bank, and she recommended me. I signed my contract at a kart race event… that was pretty cool.
I’ve been in the company for more than two years. Two intense years that have been full of new challenges and perspectives, and REFINE has supported me every step of the way.

During these two years, I’ve had the opportunity to work directly for the company’s website. Since I consider myself half-artist (a passionate photographer) and half-financial, I couldn’t expect more. REFINE gave me the opportunity to develop my creative skills, and it felt just right.

Marsida Lekaj
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